Welcome to “Introducing Venn,” where we’ll be showcasing some of the features and functions of our secure remote workspace that separates work and personal on the same computer. We’ll be kicking this knowledge series off with a quick deep dive into how Venn and its LocalZone™ technology enables and enhances DLP. Here’s a quick video overview.

Protecting Sensitive Information with LocalZone

LocalZone’s bright blue border and badge around all the applications launched inside of it makes it easy to tell that you’re working in a secure environment and that all your information inside of it is protected. Clicking on the badge at any point will show you what is and isn’t allowed under your DLP policy.

Let’s say you want to share your screen on a call, but LocalZone prevents it because it’s a violation of company DLP protocols. Clicking on the badge will let you enter a reason for the share, after which you’ll be permitted to mirror your screen. These reasons are recorded and make auditing a breeze, while also allowing your employees the flexibility in DLP restrictions they need to do their jobs.

LocalZone also prevents users from copying text and images from within the secure workspace, further protecting information from exfiltration. However, for ease of use, copying and pasting into the LocalZone is still possible. Other adjustable permissions include printer access settings, and upload permissions.

Downloading can also be done from within LocalZone, securely storing any information on the secure drive. This also helps your employees’ protect their personal work and documents from leaking into work spaces. LocalZone’s adjustable permissions, usage of local resources, and strong built-in DLP settings make it a streamlined tool that can make data loss protection easier than ever.

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Kikilix Developer

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Dvir Shapira, Venn's CPO, is an experienced product management leader with a track record of scaling products from inception to market success for 20+ years.