Welcome back to “Introducing Venn.” If you haven’t checked out our walkthroughs of how DLP works in Venn, how to enroll a mobile device, and how Venn utilizes private company gateways feel free to give those a read! Today’s topic is remote data management options in Venn, a crucial feature for information security when it comes to lost and stolen devices. Let’s watch the video below for a quick walkthrough of how data can be protected remotely.

Keeping Track of a Variety of Devices

Once a device is enrolled onto the Venn platform (like we discussed a few days ago!) it automatically becomes added to the device inventory list visible from within the admin control panel. Now that the device is on the inventory we can securely protect our data on it even in the case of loss or theft.

Let’s say, for example, an employee misplaces their phone and is worried about sensitive information in their “work” profile. No worries! We can seamlessly restrict access remotely to the Venn enrolled work profile of the device, without a need for the physical phone. One of the best parts? Once the user gets their device back all they have to do is enter their device passcode and they’ll immediately regain access to their work profile!

What about if an employee is leaving the organization, but doesn’t want to wipe their phone back to its factory settings? It’s simple- because the user work profile is isolated within LocalZone™ the organization admin can remotely wipe and uninstall just that profile while leaving the user’s personal photos, messages, music, and more unaffected. Offboarding employees has never been smoother or safer than with Venn.

Protect Your Devices Today

Thanks for checking out another product feature overview of Venn, the secure remote workspace that protects work from personal use on the same device. Stay tuned to our blog, we’ll be rolling out more blogs in the series soon! If you’re interested in putting Venn to use at your organization book a crisp demo here and learn how you can make remote work safer and easier than it’s ever been.

Kikilix Developer

Kikilix Developer

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Dvir Shapira, Venn's CPO, is an experienced product management leader with a track record of scaling products from inception to market success for 20+ years.