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Secure Remote Workspace by Venn

Venn BYOD & BYOPC Solutions

The growth of remote work and distributed businesses has caused a rapid expansion of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and bring-your-own-PC (BYO-PC) policies. These programs, which enable employees to work from personally owned devices, are a perfect fit for remote work programs and can enable companies to take advantage of increased efficiencies and cost savings.

However, BYOD and BYO-PC policies can create management and security challenges for organizations. Personally-owned devices may not be compliant with corporate security policies and may also be used for personal purposes that introduce additional security risks.

Venn enables companies to support a BYOD and BYO-PC policy while managing the security risks to the organization.

Venn enables companies to support a BYOD and BYO-PC policy while managing the security risks to the organization.

Read on to learn how Venn’s unique solution enables you to quickly implement remote work security without compromising on employees’ privacy or user experience.

Business Operations Solution

Historically, organizations have relied on legacy virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions to securely support remote workers. While these solutions enable businesses to maintain control over their data and provide employees with the tools they need, they suffer from significant drawbacks in terms of performance and user experience.

Venn offers a secure Virtual Desktop Alternative that meets businesses’ security needs without the performance issues of VDI. 


Business data and applications are isolated on a user’s device and under the organization’s control, providing the security that the company needs while eliminating the laggy, poor performance.

IT Management Solution

The rise of remote work, BYOD, and BYOPC creates challenges for companies looking to manage their data and devices. With corporate applications and data being stored and accessed by remote devices, companies face new challenges around data security, backups, and device management.

Venn enables companies to quickly and painlessly onboard remote users while maintaining security and compliance. 


Data and applications inside Venn’s secure enclave are under the organization’s control, enabling it to implement the security controls, compliance requirements, and backup processes needed to protect the enterprise while supporting a remote workforce.

Security Compliance Solution

Maintaining control over sensitive and valuable data is vital to compliance with various regulations. However, remote work makes this more complex as corporate data may be stored and processed on remote and potentially personally-owned devices.

Venn helps organizations to maintain and demonstrate compliance by isolating sensitive and business data on employee devices within a secure enclave. 


This isolated environment is under the organization’s control, enabling the business to implement required security controls and achieve the required visibility necessary to maintain and demonstrate compliance to auditors.

MDM for Laptops

Mobile device management (MDM) emerged as a solution to the business challenge of dual-use mobile phones. Employees using the same device for personal and business purposes run the risk that mobile apps could compromise business data. MDM provided companies with the ability to manage these devices and these risks.

With the rise of BYOD, companies are facing the same challenges today with dual-use PCs as they did in the past with mobile devices. Venn’s MDM for Laptops enables companies to manage and secure corporate data and applications installed on personally-owned devices.

Work and Personal Use on One Computer

With remote work and BYOD come the concern of dual-use devices. If employees use the same computer for personal and business purposes, then corporate data and applications may be at risk. For example, a user browsing to a risky website may accidentally install malware that has access to corporate data. Dual-use devices make sense for many organizations, but it is vital to protect the privacy and security of business data on these devices.

Venn enables secure work and personal use on one computer by placing business data in a secure enclave isolated from personal use of the device.

Securing Independent Contractors

Contractors provide companies with a flexible, cost-effective option for completing certain tasks. Instead of keeping roles in-house, companies can engage with trusted contractors on an as-needed basis.

However, contracting often requires sharing sensitive data and providing company-owned systems to freelancers introduces additional overhead and security concerns.

With Venn, companies can secure independent contractors by isolating business data and processes in a secure enclave on the contractor’s computer that is under the company’s control.