The concept of the cloud has been familiar to us all for years. While the behind-the-scenes details of how the cloud works has changed over time, one element of the cloud remains the same: it improves the productivity of professionals who work across a wide range of industries.

How does the cloud drive productivity? It taps into the power of technology and enables employees to use servers, networks, storage, tools, and apps through the internet.

There is no doubt that it is empowering to tap into needed data anytime, anywhere, and on any device. We have witnessed how this has become even more essential over the past year during our global pandemic.

And within the financial services industry, we know that the need to access the cloud is amplified with independent agents who work with clients in a rapidly changing environment. The cloud has enabled many industry employees to continue work without any form of disruption. This was especially important when COVID-19 immediately altered our world and overnight changed how and where financial advisors needed to work.

Even putting aside our global pandemic, we see the value of the cloud as it facilitates the scalability of a financial services firm. As new advisors come on board and a team expands, and as advisors change roles within the firm, all professionals benefit from instant access to needed information. The cloud enables these advisors to get up to speed quickly and seamlessly – and without missing a beat during client interaction.

A cloud that delivers the most value and provides the most power to a team is the one that is also highly flexible. This enables a team to adapt to changes more quickly and ensure uninterrupted access to tools that will facilitate the work processes in an organization, no matter what else is going on around us.

The common theme – and takeaway – once again becomes increased productivity.

Today the reality of our world adds into the mix another essential element of what financial firms require. While the empowerment of a team is of primary importance to a company so it can best service clients, equally important is the security of the system that empowers said team.

A growing challenge, and quite frankly an escalating concern of companies around the world, is how to best protect customer data and critical systems as cyber criminals become more skilled and adept – and dare we say persistent – in their craft. Fraudsters are more relentless than ever in their quest to tap into financial data.

That’s where Venn comes into play. It is an essential cloud productivity and security platform powered by OS33.

Venn was designed to protect sensitive applications and data while empowering users to work on personal devices – in other words, in the way users are most productive.

The Venn technology embraces a cloud environment to more efficiently combine a local, personal computer experience with cloud data, all while wrapping data and sensitive information in a secure perimeter.

This enables financial advisors to use personal devices without compromising security. Employees are highly protected. Customers are fully protected. It is the best of all worlds.

And how it works is simple – the device of a financial advisor is scanned to ensure that it is fully secure before an advisor can tap into data. Once the device passes the security check, the employee is good to go.

And if a device doesn’t pass this check, Venn offers guidance and provides needed steps for an advisor to take to find the needed resolution.

We would love to talk to you more about the need for productivity, the need for the highest degree of security, and our solution. We will answer your questions and provide a demo to show you firsthand how our solution is not only the best option for our current environment, but for our world that will continue to evolve in the years ahead. To find out more, click here.

Kikilix Developer

Kikilix Developer

Software Developer

Dvir Shapira, Venn's CPO, is an experienced product management leader with a track record of scaling products from inception to market success for 20+ years.