Learn why VDI dand DaaS aref not the ideal solution for remote workers. Check out our VDI challenges eBook.

Secure Remote Workspace by Venn

Virtual Desktop Alternative

Virtual Desktops and DaaS have been the traditional approaches to securing remote workers and those using BYO devices. But DaaS and VDI have a number of significant drawbacks including performance lags, unfamiliar user experience, unreliable video meeting performance and the fact that it’s actually redundant for SaaS.

Venn offers a radically simplified and less costly solution to securing remote work without VDI DaaS and without managing the entire PC.

Secure sensitive client assets

Venn allows companies to maintain full control over sensitive
company data including what data can be accessed and how data
isstored or shared without having to manage the whole PC. Venn also
enables turnkey HIPAA & PCI compliance.
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Native and efficient for Saas

SaaS applications are already hosted in the cloud, by definition. Putting a VDI DaaS solution in between is redundant remote hosting. Venn secures native SaaS access in a more efficient manner.

Reliable video collaboration applications

With Venn, video and collaboration applications run reliably and smoothly whereas VDI DaaS can be unreliable for these applications causing meetings to be interrupted.


Save Money

VDI is a popular choice for securing BYO PCs whether Bring Your Own, Buy Your Own or Be given Your Own. Venn is more simple and less costly because there’s no need for backend infrastructure.

Productivity and worker satisfaction

With Venn, workers don’t have to change the way they work and they
avoid annoying delays and disconnects of VDI/DaaS resulting in
improved productivity and worker satisfaction.