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Secure Remote Workspace by Venn

Enable BYOD
for Financial

Venn’s secure remote workspace gives
banks, insurers, credit unions and more the
tools they need to embrace remote and hybrid work with confidence. 

The Secure Remote Workspace Designed for Financial Services

Today’s VDI solutions fall short of the needs of modern financial services organizations, delivering cumbersome and unreliable experiences to employees. With Venn, users can securely access the information they need on the devices they want to use from wherever they may be.

BYOD Made Safer and Simpler

Financial Services professionals don’t want to be forced to use devices they aren’t comfortable on, and don’t want to have to carry two computers or phones.

Venn makes BYOD possible by protecting organization data from personal use on employee devices. The Blue Border distinctively separates personal work from the secure  workspace.

Streamlined Auditing Capabilities

Staying compliant with constantly changing regulations is a cornerstone of the financial services industry, and Venn makes it easier than ever before.

Real-time reporting and device management, easy on and off boarding capabilities, and audit ready download capabilities will keep your organization agile and adaptable.


Protecting Sensitive Information

Financial Services organizations have to manage huge amounts of sensitive financial data, and without the right solutions in place to prevent theft could find themselves facing massive fines and legal action. Venn helps keep your information secure with robust DLP controls like
copy/paste and screen sharing prevention.

A Breakthrough Alternative to VDI

Venn is the leading virtual desktop alternative for security and compliance-driven organizations. Venn creates a smart, secure perimeter around a user’s work applications and data.


Venn allows users to work locally the way they want to on the
devices of their choice, from anywhere.


Venn protects work files and data from accidental or malicious
exfiltration, compromise or loss.


Venn separates digital work from personal computing and
ensures employees that their non-work related activities are
not monitored.

Freedom Without Compromise

Venn is trusted by over 700 companies, including 400 financial services firms such as Fidelity,
Guardian, and Voya.



Customer Spotlight

A 130yearold insurance company needed to upgrade to meet New York’s Department of Financial Services compliance requirements.

The Results

The client was able to achieve compliance using our technology as a gate to evaluate the security and compliance status of
every device used by their agents to access their online portal. Now entering their fourth year of successful partnership, they
are able to boast the highest levels of endpoint device security as a result of leveraging Venn.

 7000 agents more productive and protected

 Modernized technology infrastructure

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Venn integrates seamlessly with many apps and
tools in a single unified app launcher,
centralizing user management and automating
access workflows.

Compliance with Industry Standards