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Secure Remote Workspace by Venn

The Last Mile for Zero Trust and SASE

Zero Trust and SASE frameworks improve security but can leave a hole whenthey only protect the “pipe” but not the endpoint itself. Even when zero trust policies limit employee data access to the minimum scope necessary, the PC itself remains the vulnerable last

Venn adds the critical missing part to the Zero Trust and SASE equation by extending the protected perimeter all the way to remote workers and BYOPC.

Venn isolates and protects business applications and data on a worker’s computer offering the following benefits:

Secure sensitive client assets

Venn allows companies to maintain full control over sensitive company data
including what data can be accessed and how data isstored or shared
without having to manage the whole PC.


Enables robust administrative control over work applications and data including policies for network access, peripheral use, copy-paste and more.

Turnkey HIPAA
& PCI compliance

Because Venn is both HIPAA and PCI compliant, customers gain a much faster and easier to execute compliance program.

Save Money

VDI is a popular choice for securing contractor and temporary worker PCs. Venn is less costly, less complicated and preferred by users.Graphic or stock photo depicting

Onboard and offboard more quickly

Since there’s no need to image, manage or ship PCs, new contractors
can be onboarded with a simple download to their personal PC. When
workers leave, companies can instantly and remotely delete the Venn
enclave without worrying if a computer will be returned.